Graphic Design Process

1: Define the Problem

It is important to have a clearly defined goal for a project.

2: Research

I research the brand, target audience, history, values and competition of my clients. This is essential in order to understand what message a design needs to communicate. I discuss with clients about their style preferences and often ask for examples of other designs that may offer inspiration.

3: Visualise

This involves setting a goal for the project, and often creating a brief to communicate this. I may use tools such as mind maps and mood boards in order to gain understanding and inspiration.

4: Design

I design many rough sketches to create concepts. I then develop the strongest and most promising idea(s) into computer graphics for client feedback.

5: Create

With a clear direction, I create the final product. This is reviewed again by the client, and often external parties.  After final approval of the design, it is sent to print or made available in final digital formats.